7 Reign Prints

Making colorful prints may not change the world, but it just might spark the mind that does...



At 7 Reign Prints Our Story is simple...we make colorful prints that motivate you to be a better you! Whether it's spending more time with your family and friends, helping out in your community, exercising and eating right or just doing your part to make the world a better place. We want our prints to inspire you to be the best you possible! At 7 Reign Prints we are also deeply committed  to maintaining three important product goals... Accountability,  Accuracy and Customer Availability!


7 Reign Beginnings

7 Reign Prints began designing the  first "Cans Mat" in Milwaukee, WI. The Original "Cans Mat" was designed to provide Milwaukee Public School Students with a safe and fun activity that could be played indoors during the cold winter months. Most of the Students were already familiar with "Playing Cans" outdoors, so we brought the "Game of Cans" concept indoors by introducing Students to the "Cans Mat," which could be rolled out and played on using any indoor or outdoor flat surface!


Darlow Wank and Friends

In 1943, Darlow Wank and a couple of his friends from Milwaukee, WI were said to be the first people to crush a soda can and use it for the game we now call "Cans!" These young people out of boredom and the frustration of having limited play equipment, developed a game that everyone in the neighborhood could play. If you could hit your opponents "Can," you could play! 


Yoga Mats & Floor Mats

In 2015, 7 Reign Prints moved as a company from Milwaukee, WI to Dallas, TX. It was during this transition that we began designing and printing custom "Yoga Mats" & "Floor Mats," along with our "Cans Mats!" On all of our mats we use the same non-toxic print ink and all of our mats are made from the same durable, water resistant, PVC foam material!